Design Thinking

At TracFone Wireless, Inc., our passion is our customers. That is why we have turned to human-centered practices to help us focus on what they genuinely want and need from us. Internally we use a Design Thinking mindset and process of empathizing, defining problems, ideating, prototyping and testing to help us be customer-centric.

Design Thinking helps us ensure that our customers are our north star as well as bringing outside-the-box thinking as we collaborate across roles and organizations to create new products, services and experiences. 

We believe it is important for us to cultivate these skills in the emerging creators, thinkers and leaders. Therefore we recently collaborated with the University of Miami to host a 2-day Design Thinking workshop for business students. The workshop gave students a taste of Design Thinking by applying it to real-world problems. Thank you to the University of Miami and the students for embracing it and making the event a success. ​